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Lead Management

Lead management is a FlexDeck feature that provides a multi-stage systematic procedure under which identified leads are qualified, analyzed and nurtured.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management offers a clear and real-time view of sale pipeline development with a visual dashboard.

Tour Plan Manager

Tour Plan Manager module enables us to monitor the sales representative’s customer travel plan.

MOM Management

MOM is a module in the FlexDeck that helps sales colleagues to update the minutes of the meeting with the customers.

Contract Management

Contract Management module is the place where you can manage our sales contracts with system generated emails.

Task Management

Task Management module provides a unique opportunity to assign and track those tasks on particular potential projects.

GPS Reports

GPS / regiograph reports allow you to visualize and analyze your customer presence directly on digital maps.

Expense Management

FlexDeck is the centralized place for the employee, HR and finance team where employees can claim monthly expenses.

Work From Home Manager

FlexDeck Work From Home Manager is beneficial to give work from home provision to employees and keep a record of the task according to the work status.

Flexdeck Manuals Manager

In order to make FlexDeck more user-friendly and to make the learning process easier for new and existing users, we have a dedicated module to distribute our manuals & learning materials.

Ticket Desk Manager

Ticket Desk is the feature in FlexDeck where admin & users can raise tickets for bug/new idea/any other development request.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Tool enables users to record details of the visitors who can be a customer, vendors, and other service providers coming to the office & warehouse.

Time Tracker Manager

The time tracker module is time-based system, which helps to start and end tasks in the system.

Asset / Hardware Management

Asset / Hardware Management module provide platform to manage IT asset allocation.