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Got a question about FlexDeck ?
Got a question about FlexDeck ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some listed questions and answers as below. You still have questions? Write to us at Info@flexdeckonline.com and we will get back to you at the soonest.

FlexDeck is an online customer management tool. It helps in channelizing the processes, track record and maintain data. Ultimately FlexDeck focuses on boosting the productivity and grow businesses.

FlexDeck helps in following ways:-

✔ Strategic analysis

✔ Easy data maintenance

✔ Channelized processing

✔ Boosts employee proficiency and productivity

✔ Business Growth

You can email us at Info@flexdeckonline.com , or you can fill form on our Contact Us page, simply type your message and click "Send" button. Your enquiries will be answered as soon as possible and we will demontstrate FlexDeck over call.

The tool eases the day-to-day processes such as pipeline project management, contract management or renewal, tracking and many other. This automation of processes saves on time of the entire team resulting in high proficiency and productivity.

Yes, FlexDeck commits on keeping data secured with the highly secured encryptions. We follow the principle of high confidentiality and safe handling of the data.

Please email us at Info@flexdeckonline.com, or you can fill form on our Contact Us page, for further details. Your will be answered as soon as possible.

Yes, FlexDeck is compatible with multiple devices such as laptop, desktops, tablets. Moreover, we have made it compatible for android and iOS mobile applications.

Yes, FlexDeck support multiple languages.

FlexDeck and marketing go hand in hand. FlexDeck data can help your marketing team identify, capture, nurture and convert leads, track customer-salesperson interactions, monitor drip campaigns within the sales cycle, and more. All of this can create a smoother and more consistent customer experience. These features of FlexDeck, eases and channelizes the marketing related process saving tones of manual working.

Yes, size does not matter when it comes to FlexDeck. The tool is incorporative for all types of business sizes, from small to enterprise-level institutions.

Yes, FlexDeck definitely provide sales support. It has a feature to organize the data about prospective and current customers. The dashboard of FlexDeck allows its user to automate and manage their pipeline and processes. It also enables performance evaluation, see the targets and have a glance at each aspects of their projects.